Crafting one of a kind

Magdala Upcycling empowers designers, artists and craftsmen to create, and sell upcycled pieces through e-commerce. We believe that creative reuse is the key for powerful social change by transforming waste into raw materials, and altering unwanted items through upcycling. We are an eclectic collective focused on transforming the Linear Economy into a Circular Economy, with the mission to extend the life of objects by adding value.


A linear economy is one of our biggest problems as a modern society, as we have effectively turned our planet into a dumpster. Our modern ways are really harming our planet, our communities and us as individuals. Instead, we can all support a circular economy by buying local, reusing, mending our garments, upcycling, collaborating, and connecting with the natural cycles. We can help enormously to ease the big problems humanity is facing today. Because we do have the power to create a sustainable society with our everyday actions and choices, by becoming an active part of the solution.

Creative reuse, powerful social change.